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Proportional Directional / Flow Control Valve module
with optional Position Feedback

Combined with the components on the MF102 series training systems, the Proportional Directional/Flow Control Valve Module will allow instructors to teach, and students to learn, all facets of Proportional Directional/Flow Control Valve operation and circuit application, and amplifier parameter adjustment.

How easy would your job be if students could actually see exactly what happens to current, voltage, spool movement, and flow when operating, for example, a proportional direction and flow control valve with a linear potentiometer (joystick)


The MF100-PDCV module consists of the following components:

  1. Two-position, 4-way, proportional solenoid controlled closed-center directional/flow control valve.
  2. Amplifier.
  3. Joystick controller (linear potentiometer) - optional.
  4. Aluminum, self-contained unit finished with a durable powder-coat with removable steel back cover.
  5. Front-plate with printed identification symbols and color-coding.
  6. Appropriate warnings and cautions.

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