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Imagination is for fairy tales, not for teaching and learning hydraulics -

Teachers, imagine how easy your job would be if students could actually see exactly what happens to current, voltage, spool movement, and flow when operating, for example, a proportional direction and flow control valve with a linear potentiometer (joystick). Imagine also, how much explanation time it would save you, and more importantly, how much more your students will learn and understand.
As experts in making teaching rewarding, and learning easy, we created a brilliant solution – we synchronized the function, voltage, current, and flow of a proportional direction and flow control valve with a vivid animation. 

How it works -

When the student moves the joystick controller on the animation, it drives both the animation of the proportional direction flow control valve, and the actual valve on the right, in perfect synchronization. This amazing feature lets the student see, in real time, how voltage and current (synchronized with an animated graph - inset) effect spool movement, and how these changes affect flow and cylinder rod speed. The students can also see, in real time, exactly what happens when, for example, “ramping” parameters are adjusted. Teaching and learning proportional direction and flow controls valves will never be easier.

Synchronized learning - just another exclusive feature from FPTI™ – the home of the most effective products for teaching and learning hydraulics on the planet.

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