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Hydraulic Simulator - Model MF102-H Hydraulic Simulator - Model MF102-H-TSE Hydraulic Simulator - Model MF102-H-AT
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MF102 Series Training Systems -

To suit your training objectives and budgets, FPTI™ offers three variations of our flagship training systems - the MF102-H, MF102-H-TS, and the MF102-H-TSE

“The strength of a person’s knowledge of hydraulics is directly
proportional to the foundation upon which it is built”
Rory S. McLaren – Founder, Director and Teacher - FPTI™

The MF102-H is a brilliant “foundation building” training system that is masterfully crafted to help students connect the dots. Pascal’s Law, inertia, power, resistance, pressure differential, series, parallel – theory, it’s all so confusing if the students can’t apply it, yet it’s the very foundation upon which their knowledge of hydraulics is built.

The MF102-H-TS and MF102-H-TSE training systems have the same features and capabilities as the model MF102-H, but the letters “TS” denote troubleshooting.

Add troubleshooting to the model MF102-H and you have the most advanced hydraulic training system in the world that can be used to teach a 40-hour plus course in basic hydraulics, and another 40-hour plus course in troubleshooting: and, when FPTI™ says troubleshooting, we actually know what we’re talking about because we invented the component performance testing technology!

"A system that makes Teaching rewarding,
and Learning inevitable!"

Exceptional Hardware . . . Equally as Exceptional Software

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