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Industrial / mobile Directional Control Valve module
with four (4) Circuit Modules (Stacked Valve)

The MF100-SVM is the actual stacked valve assembly that is commonly used in hydraulic systems on modern production, manufacturing and mobile machinery.

The MF100-SVM consists of the following components:

  1. Directional control valve, 03 size, three-position, four-way, solenoid-operated,
    spring-centered, with float-center.
  2. Sub-plate with quick connect/disconnect valves.
  3. Circuit module 1 - Main pressure relief valve, adjustable.
  4. Circuit module 2 - Cylinder port relief valve, adjustable.
  5. Circuit module 3 - Dual, flow control valves, adjustable.
  6. Circuit module 4 - Dual, pilot-operated (pilot-to-close) check valves.

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