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MF100-MDCV (non-troubleshooting)
MF100-MDCV-TS (with diagnostics capability)
3-Section Mobile Directional Control Valve

The MF100-MDCV is an actual directional valve assembly that is commonly used on machinery such as front-end loaders and forklifts. It is equipped with all the valves typically found in this type of mobile valve configuration which include: main pressure relief valve, load-check valves, cylinder port relief valves (line reliefs), and anti-cavitation valves. It also has two “cylinder” spools and a “motor” spool.

With the MF100-MDCV-TS students will learn to pressure/leak test individual sections with the objective of determining, with pinpoint precision, the condition of a given port. If there is unacceptable leakage in a given port the student will learn how to determine if the problem is related to spool/bore wear, cylinder port relief or anti-cavitation valve, or both.

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