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FPTI™ Founder and Director, Rory S. McLaren conducts all Train-the-Trainer workshops

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Attention Technical College teachers!

Many of our country’s technical schools and colleges are facing tough financial times. All too often we hear from teachers that they would love to attend training workshops to improve their knowledge and/or keep up with current technology, but the funds are simply not available. We hear you and we want to help.

FPTI™ recognizes how important it is for our country to have brilliant teachers, because brilliant teachers beget exceptional technicians.

The current rate of error in hydraulic system diagnosis is well in excess of 80%.  That means approximately 80% of the components removed from hydraulic systems have nothing wrong with them. The cost to industry is in the tens of millions of dollars. Teachers have the power to make this problem go away. When America’s technicians can keep America’s plants and factories operating efficiently jobs will stay where they belong – in America. 

FPTI™ wants to do its part in “revitalizing American jobs.” If your technical college is facing tough times FPTI™ would like to help. We will sponsor your hydraulic training.  This offer is for State sponsored schools and colleges only. We will waive the workshop fee, and the college must pay for travel, accommodations, and other costs incidental to attending this workshop.

Please fill out the CONTACT FORM with all your information and we will contact you regarding the workshop.


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