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FLEX-PLATE MODULES give the MF102 Unlimited Flexibility -

Total flexibility is just another unique feature of the MF102 series training system. It already has more hydraulic components than any competitive training system, but what if you want to add components or assemblies to suit your unique training needs? We thought about that too, so we added a Flex-Plate to the front panel.

Adding components is as easy as plugging in a toaster. Simply bolt your component to its own baseplate (available from FPTI™), and from that point on its simply a case of “plugging it in” whenever it’s needed.

The base-station is also conveniently equipped with a 24VDC power receptacle and an on/off switch.

Currently available FLEX-PLATE MODULES:

1.      Pressure reducing/relieving valve
2.      Counterbalance valve 3:1 ratio
3.      Counterbalance valve 4.5:1 ratio
4.      Counterbalance valve 10:1 ratio
5.      Dual counterbalance valve
6.      Dual cross-port relief valves
7.      Differential pressure unloading valve
8.      Hydro-pneumatic accumulator, diaphragm-type,
          1-quart (0.95 L)
9.      Check valve
10.    Needle valve
11.    Needle valve with reverse flow check
12.    Pressure compensated flow control valve – fixed
13.    Pressure compensated flow control valve – fixed
          with reverse flow check valve
14.    Pressure compensated flow control valve – variable
  15.    Pressure compensated flow control valve –
          variable with reverse flow check valve
16.    Priority flow control valve
17.    Flow divider
18.    Flow divider/combiner
19.    Flow divider/combiner synchronizing
20.    2-way, pilot-operated, normally passing
21.    3-port, 2-way, pilot-operated, normally non-passing
22.    3-port, 3-way, pilot-operated (open port 2 to port 3)
23.    3-port, 3-way, pilot-operated (open port 1 to port 2)
24.    Hot oil shuttle valve
25.    Shuttle valve
26.    Back-to-back check valves
27.    Pilot-to-close check valve
28.    Velocity fuse
29.    Air-bleed valve

Still Want More?

Don’t see the exact valve you want? Send us an e-mail or an enquiry through the contact form and we can source the exact item you want, quote you a price, mount it to a Flex-Plate and have you well on your way to continuing your teaching excellence!

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